Retinax multi-purpose optical solution

Retinax multi-purpose optical solution

With a very special formula produced by targeting Maximum Moisture.
It moisturizes, cleans, purifies, disinfects, rinses, stores. It does not contain drugs, detergents, perfumes, does not foam, does not require rubbing.

When using contact lenses, the world can be a challenging place for your eyes. Lens use can become very difficult for eyes that are sleepless and tired of technological products. Retinax makes the use of lenses easier for your eyes because Retinax has been developed to provide you with this comfort with its content and pH value, which has the same technical component as Healthy Tears.
*Independent laboratories have proven through their research that Retinax helps keep lenses moist for up to 24 hours.


Retinax, which is the first and only Solution Produced in Turkey with a hundred domestic capital, has worked very hard for the comfort, quality and comfort it provides and has brought this magnificent product to our country. We would be pleased if you let us know about your experience with Retinax.

Pouring the solutions after each use and placing the sterile new solution on the lens should be applied to moisten your lenses, disinfect them and purify them from proteins. Solutions should be stored at room temperature. It is very important that you pay attention to the expiration date of the solutions and do not use the expired solutions in case of bacteria formation on them.